Elemental Living with Emilie Maynor

Hi friends,

As a big time Claire fan, I’m honored to connect with you. My name is Emilie Maynor. Integrative Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher are my official titles; but truthfully, I’m just a gal that was sick of living life in constant hustle, complete disconnect from my body, inability to know how to care for myself with food & movement, and overcomplicated “wellness advice”.

It was exhausting. And what felt more exhausting was the idea of implementing a diet or whole life overhaul. I need(ed) simple. Sustainable. Starting therapy, practicing yoga and teaching myself to cook were baby steps. In 2015, I completed a training called Attuning to the Season. It focused on the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), the seasons associated with the elements and how to support yourself through food and movement according to the seasons. All of a sudden it clicked.

WE ARE CYCLICAL. WE ARE ENERGETIC BEINGS. The body needs different support at different times of the year! My mind was blown. How validating?! No, I’m not lazy and worthless when it’s cold out. My body is designed to rest more in winter. No, you’re not crazy for purging your entire house in April. Spring asks us to create space, so we can see clearly. Living this way has opened a sense of self & freedom I never had before.

Elemental Living is a philosophy that guides people towards a seasonal and simple life. It’s a process of refinement, rather than constantly adding more to be or feel better. It’s how I live and what I share with others.

Here’s how it works:

Each element has a season, set of organs, food, energy channels (called meridians) & behavioral expressions associated with it. Those properties inform simple ways to support yourself, body, mind and spirit. Let’s work with Earth as an example:

EARTH Element

  • Season: Harvest season, the 6 week period between summer & fall

  • Organs: Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas

  • Foods: grains, root veggies, yellow/orange foods. Foods with a mild sweetness (like pumpkin)

  • Meridians: Lower half of the front body

  • Behaviors: Centered, sense of belonging, feeling safe & aware

When to work with Earth

  • During times of transition - move, job change, relationship shifts. When you feel your “foundation” is shaky.

  • When you need to check-in with personal boundaries

  • If you’re an over-giver. Constantly giving to others without replenishing yourself

  • If you experience sluggish digestion

  • Generally when you feel stuck or unsafe with body or mind

Earth Tools

  • Create a daily ritual - something simple. 3 breaths in the morning, light a candle when you cook.

  • Go barefoot outside. Put your feet in the grass for 10 minutes to connect with the earth.

  • Make an earth meal, like this easy butternut squash soup.

  • Try this short, beginner friendly yoga sequence

Despite this being a lot of information to take in, try not to overcomplicate it. Choose one tool to practice and just notice how you feel. Pay attention to yourself - you deserve it.

If this resonates, I’d love to invite you to join me in the Elemental Living Online Program. It’s 6 weeks of workshops, coaching and resources designed to guide you to live a more seasonal and simple life.

Thanks for chatting!


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