Being the New Guy

Monte Ellis

Hi, I’m Monte. Being the new guy has always been an interesting experience for me. There’s usually a mixture of Junior High me that shows up saying, “Look out dude, this could hurt!” Then the reckless child that says at the entrance to the roller coaster, “Come on, I’m only 5 inches shy!” So I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Claire Fierman, as she is someone who embraces both!

Speaking of roller coasters, last year was wild. I decided that being a therapist was the route for me after 15 confusing years, became a student at 30, found out I was becoming a father, moved, and survived a pandemic. It hurt, there was grief, there was fear, there’s still fear, and there’s also excitement, gratitude, and authentic joy. Looking back, I now realize that all of the themes I worked through in my personal therapy journey showed up all at once this past year. My journey through therapy has proven time and time again that being centered, rooted in my values, and authentic in my expressions are what really matter. That only happens when our story is heard, validated, and engaged with another person.

Life was about doing the next big, perfect, or meaningful thing, and now I see that it’s simply about doing the next right thing. I have found that the knowledge of “thing” is usually nestled somewhere between that reckless child and the timid junior high kid. I’m interested in what those versions of you would have to say and what it looks like to find your “thing.”

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