Couples + Family

Couples therapy is for those partnerships struggling with communication, intimacy, forgiveness and trust. Our approach to couples counseling begins with finding old wounds that might be hindering a successful relationship. As a team, we then generate useful skills to create change in any dynamic.

  • Create a toolbox for relationship skills

  • Create and increate accountability

  • Clarify relationship issues and choices

  • Develop and practice communication skills

  • Healing trust 

  • Conflict management 

  • Increase intimacy

"Claire has such a gift for creating a safe space for people to take the courageous journey of self discovery. Her kindness, humility, humor, and knowledgable approach makes hard emotional work so much easier. What's different about her therapy work is that she leaves distance behind and brings her whole self into the room, without making us (the clients) feel like we are the broken ones and she has the answers, she connects personally and makes the work feel like more of a partnership. The relationship she provides in the therapeutic work is the healing. She also showed me that deep emotional work doesn't have to be all tears, with her compassionate humor she breathes life back into old patterns in a way that makes personal struggles feel less shameful and more relatable. She clearly has the training, knowledge, and education but more than that she has a gift of loving the clients through the healing. Claire has a way of inviting clients into a new perspective, rather than confronting them in their wounds."

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