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Claire Fierman

Therapy. Intervention. Resources.



Individual Therapy provides support and insight during times of crisis or simply in times of change.


Couples + Family Therapy

Reconnect and re-engage with your partner and family members through couples or family therapy.


Workshops + Retreats

 Check out the current online offerings to stay grounded in times of constant fluidity. 


Clinical Consulting

Clinical Consulting is available for programs and practitioners interested in sharpening their current focus and problem solving clinical care.


Getting Help

Getting help can be hard. Take the first step with a free 15-minute consultation.

Treatment Placement


Family Support


Case Management

     Claire has the ability to put you at ease and make you feel safe by her very presence. She is relatable while being professional which makes her approach to therapy that much more effective. I was able to deep dive into myself knowing I could trust her to be right there with all the necessary tools.

Melissa J.